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Blendtec Commercial by Lancer is Taking Over

Author: Lancer Beverage / Published Date: 23 November 2016

Across Australia, the Blendtec Commercial by Lancer range is replacing alternative models of food and beverage blenders.

Both, ‘Catering Wholesalers’ in Sydney and ‘Dynamic Catering Equipment’ in Melbourne began stocking Blendtec last week.

Blendtec Commercial by Lancer, a range of durable and innovative blenders, has recently been introduced into the Australian market after its success not only in America but globally. Built with hardened steel and an unbreakable drive socket, Blendtec blenders are designed to withstand the heaviest of use.  

‘Catering Wholesalers’ has recently positioned Blendtec at the forefront of their displays, and ‘Dynamic Catering Equipment’ replaced their Vitamix models with Blendtec Blenders throughout their showrooms, due to their higher quality and stronger blades.

This makes them perfect for any restaurant, café, or bar, and is the reason Blendtec is increasingly being stocked in many foodservice and equipment stores throughout Australia.

As a testament to Blendtecs’ strength and quality design, Tom Dickson created a popular YouTube segment “Will it Blend?” in which blenders’ powerful blades are put to the test. Watch as the blender’s demolish everyday objects and technology.

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