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Hoshizaki Celebrates 70 Years Since It's Founding

Author: Hoshizaki Lancer / Published Date: 29 May 2017

With years of innovation, hard work, and quality products, Hoshizaki is excited to celebrate its’ 70th anniversary this year.

Founded by the late Shigetoshi Sakamoto, and with initial operations involving only four staff members, Hoshizaki aimed from the beginning to be manufacturing its’ own and original products.

It has been an exciting journey over the past 70 years. Starting in the 40's making parts for sewing machines, the 50's saw Hoshizaki get their big break in soft drink vending machines, and the 60's introduced the release of Japan's first automatic ice machine. Throughout the 70's, refrigerators and dishwashers were added to the range of products produced by Hoshizaki, while the following two decades saw the company expand into the US market. 

Jumping into the 21st century, the Hoshizaki brand continued to expand as Lancer, the world’s second largest beverage dispenser manufacturer, and the Danish refrigerator company Gram Commercial A/S, joined the Hoshizaki group.

As Hoshizaki reaches 70 years since its’ founding, the journey of the brand and its success, employees, and quality products are celebrated, and the vision for the years to come are re-established. Aiming high, Hoshizaki intends to have the No. 1 share in all individual countries and regions by 2020, with the goal of Hoshizaki being in half of the world’s kitchens and standing alone as a leader in foodservice equipment.

Here at Hoshizaki Lancer, we want to congratulate all Hoshizaki employees across the globe for their hard work, enthusiasm and creativity, and for their contribution to the company’s current success. We, of course, also want to thank all of our customers who contribute every day to our success, and for the continued loyalty over the past and future years to come. 

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