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You Need A Blendtec Blender

Author: Lancer Beverage / Published Date: 5 July 2017

Blendtec – It’s the Last Blender You’ll Ever Need.

And Here’s why…


#1 It is the quietest commercial blender on the market.

The Blendtec Commercial by Lancer blenders are designed to perform in a commercial kitchen, and operate at a noise level that allows for you to maintain conversation with a customer or co-worker without having to raise your voice. The Stealth 875 TM and Connoisseur 825TM also have the option of operating in a sound enclosure, bringing the noise down to 67 and 72 decibels respectively.

#2 Most Powerful Motor

With a 3.8 peak horsepower for our top of the range models, these blenders are designed to go harder and faster for longer. No matter whether it’s hard ice, frozen fruit or nuts, Blendtec is up to the challenge.

#3 We are BPA Free

 BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical used in the lining of some food and beverage packaging to protect food from contamination, therefore extending its shelf life. It is also used in non-food products. Small amounts of BPA can migrate into food and beverage from containers potentially causing health risks and harm (Food Standards Australia New Zealand 2015) Blendtec jars are made from a co-polyester material that has greater chemical resistance, has improved sound dampening qualities and contains no BPA. As many consumers look to shift from BPA and polycarbonate products, Blendtec BPA free jars are the way to go.

#4 It can heat products

Using the friction of the blades, the Stealth 875TM can heat ingredients while they blend, making warm or hot soups in seconds. Yum!

#5 Custom Cycles

So many smoothies, not enough time! Although the Stealth 875TM comes with 42 pre-programmed cycles and the Connoisseur 825TM 30 pre-programmed blends, there is still the option to customise. Blendtec have created the Blend wizard, an online programming tool for the Stealth 875TM and downloadable software for the Connoisseur 825TM, which allows for countless custom cycles to be created. Chuck your ingredients in, place it on the blender, and choose from your pre-set cycles depending on what type of smoothie or thickness you would like it. It couldn’t get much easier than that! 

#6 Interchangeable Jars

Choose between the Fourside and Wildside jar, interchangeable between the different blender bases. The FourSide jar has a one litre capacity, it’s square shape making it better for soups and smoothies than its circular counterparts. The WildSide jar boasts a 1.3 Litre Capacity and is great for harder and faster blends, like dough, soups, and high volume use. To ensure ease of use when making some chunkier products, the Blendtec Twister Jar and spatula lid with 2 scrapers attached is the solution, as they can be spun to remove product off the jar edges as the cycle is running.  


#7 High Volume blends

Blendtec Commercial blenders are designed to endure your venue’s busiest days, continuing to work at high speeds without failing.

#8 Available in In-Counter

Don’t have room on your bench? The Blendtec Commercial blenders come with the option of in-counter, having their motor sit underneath the bench, and not visible to customers. Not only does it look cleaner, it frees up valuable room for your staff and food prep. 

#9 Made in USA

All of our products are proudly engineered in the USA, with only the highest quality parts and raw materials to ensure years of use. 

#10 Warranty conditions

Competitive warranty conditions for all of the Blendtec products ensures that you get the most use out of your blender. The Stealth, Connoisseur, and the Chef 775 all have a warranty of three years on parts and labour, whereas the Chef 600 and EZ 600 have one year on parts and labour. All jars have a 12 month warranty, and blades are covered for a lifetime. 

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