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BHP Billiton

Client: BHP Billiton - Worsley Alumina

Location: Collie, Western Australia

Industry: Mining & Medical

Products: Hoshizaki Minesite Ice Dispenser


Located in Western Australia, Worsley Alumina is one of the world's largest and most efficient alumina refineries.

Worsley Alumina is a joint venture operation between BHP Billiton, Japan Alumina Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd and Sojitz Alumina Pty Ltd.

Located in Western Australia, operations include a bauxite mine and an alumina refinery. Worsley Alumina is the manager of the joint venture.

Construction of the mine site and refinery began in 1980 and the first alumina was produced in April 1984. In May 2000, Worsley completed a $1 billion expansion and annual production has increased to 3.1 million tonnes.

The Efficiency and Growth Expansion Project will increase Worsley's annual alumina production capacity to 4.6 million tonnes making its refinery near Collie one of the biggest and most efficient operatiosn of its kind in the world.

Hoshizaki have recently supplied a number of ice making ‘minesite ice dispensers' to BHP Billiton, to supply ice to the workers involved on site at the Worsley Alumina Expansion and growth project in Marradong near Boddington.

Employee numbers at the 8 sites are anticipated to be from as little as 30 staff up to 220 for this operation which stretches over a long and narrow 12km distance.

Ice usage per person per day was estimated to be 1 to 1.5 kg.

Having recently supplied Hoshizaki ‘Minesite Ice Dispensers' to the refinery end of the project we were invited to tender on the new expansion part of the operation in Marradong.


Hoshizaki have supplied a number of the ice making minesite dispenser units to be used throughout the operation.

The minesite ice dispenser produces up to 429kg of ice in a 24 hour period and consistently operates effectively on varying types of water quality due to the unique nature of the ice making mechanism and high quality stainless steel components.

Poor water quality is one of the major causes of equipment break down. So we designed our equipment with a double flushing system that provides built-in self-cleaning and helps our machines last longer and produce ice more efficiently.

The patented stainless steel evaporator design greatly reduces mineral build-up for clearer, hard ice cubes, plus improved pump and compressor operation.

The result is “A Superior Degree of Reliability”.

The minesite ice dispensers are a totally enclosed system which means that the ice is not open to outside influences which could potentially contaminate the ice.

This provides a very reliable and safe food product for employees. Workers simply place a 5 or 10 litre Willow ‘type' jug under the nozzle and press a button to dispense the ice. There is no human contact with the ice at all. This can be seen in the video below.

Hoshizaki Minesite Ice Dispenser


The Hoshizaki minesite ice dispensers produce a great deal of ice in a short timeframe with no human intervention at all, ensuring a safe and reliable supply of ice, to all workers.

Ice Cubelet DB-200H Brochure (PDF)

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