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Chevron - Gorgon Project

Client: Chevron - Gorgon Project

Location: Offshore Barrow Island, Western Australia

Industry: Mining & Medical

Products: Hoshizaki Ice Dispenser


The Gorgon project is operated by Chevron and is a joint venture project. The project will develop the Greater Gorgon gas reserves, located off the north west WA coast.

The Gorgon gas project involves the construction of a 15 million tonne per annum (MTPA) LNG plant on the very remote Barrow Island for processing the gas for export and local use.

Infrastructure including accommodation is currently under construction and the workers need to be housed somewhere. There is no accommodation on Barrow Island and is very remote so a daily fly in/fly out arrangement is not practical.

Enter the luxury Norwegian liner ‘Finmarken’ to be used to house hundreds of Gorgon gas project workers. The workers will live on the cruise ship while a $500 million accommodation camp is being built.

It will be parked just off the island and will have 350 construction workers and 60 people who manage the ship.

All the workers will need water and ice prior to disembarking for work.

Hoshizaki were requested to look at what would suit this application to allow the workers to obtain ice in a rapid and safe manner.


Hoshizaki supplied four KM 650 ice dispensers for the Finmarken so that workers could fill their 10 or 5 litre Willow jugs with ice and water prior to disembarking for work on Barrow Island.

The KM650 dispenser produces up to 275kg of ice in a 24 hour period and consistently operates effectively on varying types of water quality due to the unique nature of the ice making mechanism and high quality stainless steel components.

Poor water quality is one of the major causes of equipment break down. So we designed our equipment with a double flushing system that provides built-in self-cleaning and helps our machines last longer and produce ice more efficiently.

The patented stainless steel evaporator design greatly reduces mineral build-up for clearer, hard cubes, plus improved pump and compressor operation.

The result is “A Superior Degree of Reliability”.

The minesite dispensers are a totally enclosed system which means that the ice is not open to outside influences which could potentially contaminate the ice.

This provides a very reliable and safe food product for employees. Workers simply place a 5 or 10 litre Willow ‘type’ jug under the nozzle and press a button to dispense the ice. There is no human contact at all. This can be seen in the video below.

Hoshizaki Ice Dispenser 


The Hoshizaki DB-200 ice dispensers produce a great deal of ice in a short timeframe with no human intervention at all, ensuring a fast, safe and reliable supply of ice, to all workers.


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