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Hungry Jacks Goodna

Client: Competitive Foods Australia

Location: Cnr Brisbane Road and Church Street, Goodna

Industry: Restaurants & Retail

Products: IBDs x 3, S8E Superchiller, Pump Board, Mantova Shelving, CO2 System, Oilless Air Compressor, KM630 Ice Machine, B300 Bin


Hungry Jacks at Goodna was completely submersed in the recent Queensland floods and featured on the National News with only the top of the sign showing above 6 metres of floodwater.


The store outfit needed to be done in record time. They required a complete refit with all new Lancer Soft Drink Dispensing Equipment and a new Hoshizaki KM630 Ice Machine and B300 bin.


With local Australian manufacturing in Adelaide, Lancer was able to respond quickly. The equipment was manufactured and sent to Queensland and installed in record time, allowing the store to open as scheduled.

Hungry Jacks has been a long term customer for Lancer and Hoshizaki. Each Hungry Jacks restaurant typically unitlises an S8E Soft Drink Superchiller for high flow constant supply of cold soft drinks. In addition each store will utilise up to 3 Lancer Ice Beverage Dispensers for quick crew or self serve. Easy to use with high flow and consistent drink presentation. Hungry Jacks stores manage their gas by utilising a fully compliant Lancer AS5034 gas system.

High demand for ice is met by a Hoshizaki KM630 Ice Machine capable of producing over 300kg of clear, hard ice per day, teamed with a Hoshizaki B300 ice bin. Hoshizaki's unique crescent ice means highest possible drink displacement leading to increased profits, and an extremely slow melt rate from Hoshizaki clear hard ice means a good quality undiluted drink for the customer's enjoyment.

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