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Client: Jolibee

Location: Philippines

Industry: Restaurants & Retail

Products: QSR — Burger Chain


Jollibee is the largest QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) burger chain in the Philippines with in excess of 1000+ outlets. Jollibee is a local Philippine business and cemented its market position due to their outstanding food/beverage quality and speed of service. Like most QSR's their offering is not limited to burgers but also includes chicken and rice value meals.


We were asked by Coke to assist Jollibee to increase the output of their soft drink dispensing system without comprimising quality. We were challenged to deliver up to 1000 drinks within a 2 hour period during peak times (lunch and dinner) via multiple crew serve soft drink dispenser stations. An added complication is the extreme tropical weather in South East Asia with temperatures exceeding 35c ambients & 95% humidity and at times low ventilation within back of house.


Our internal engineering and development team was able to simulate the weather conditions in our environmental test laboratory to test our S8000 Soft Drink Superchiller. The Lancer S8000 Superchiller is one of the highest capacity soft drink dispenser base units in the world. Minor modifications were made to suit the operating conditions. These included stainless steel syrup coils in the ice bank water bath to compensate for the short python lengths and the addition of pre chill and soda recirculation coils as well as improved agitation.


To prove our S8000 capability we established a field trial in Jollibee's biggest outlet in central Manila. Coke and Jollibee were thrilled with the results of the field trial as the Lancer S8000 Superchiller soft drink dispenser was able to easily achieve output of over 1000 drinks per 2 hour period in their busy, hot and humid operating conditions. As a result the new S8B Superchiller is now widely utilised throughout the Asia Pacific.

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