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Vung Tao Seafood

Client: Vung Tao Seafood

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Industry: Restaurants & Retail

Products: FM481-AGE Ice Flaker


Vung Tao Seafood are a family owned and operated fish shop in the Northern suburbs of Perth.

They require a significant amount of flaked ice for keeping the fish fresh and displaying the fish for sale.

Their current ice machine had been in operation for a few years and was only able to be operated at night due to the noise of the ice maker.

It had also recently required some maintenance which cost them well over $2500. The machine was worked on and broke down again the following day.

Enter Hoshizaki!


Hoshizaki were requested to provide a quotation for a new ice machine that would provide a nice dry flaked ice product and be able to operate with a minimum of fuss.

Hoshizaki recommended the FM481-AGE flaker ice machine which produces up to 425kg of flake ice in a 24 hour period and would also fit onto their existing ice bin.


Vung Tao purchased the Hoshizaki FM481-AGE ice flaker and a Hoshizaki water filter and it has been producing a great deal of dry flaked ice which is perfect for seafood applications like this.

Hoshizaki were not the cheapest option for the customer but they were impressed by some of the design features of the unit like the one piece all ‘solid stainless steel' design of the auger and its quiet operation.

The unit fits directly onto the existing ice bin which saved the customer money.

The unit is also much quieter and able to be left in operation instead of being turned off all the time during trading hours.

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