Invention & reliability in beverage & ice systems

Beer Chillers

Glycol Chillers

Lancer glycol chillers are best in class. Each chiller in the range has been designed to suit a specific need and has been thoroughly tested in our climate controlled testing facility to ensure it performs to our specifications. ...

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Chiller Plates

Lancer revolutionised beer systems almost 15 years ago when we introduced the glycol chiller plate system. Lancer's patented chiller plates are available in 3 sizes, 4 way, 6 way and 8 way and come in 2 different configurations, ...

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Glycol Manifolds

Lancer beverage glycol manifolds available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 point supply and return feature insulated bodies and check valves to prevent water syphon.

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Glycol Accessories

Like all pieces of equipment routine checks and maintenance are required and Lancer beverage have a full range of accessories to make sure your beer system is operating at it's peak.

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Icebank Chillers

Lancer Beverage have a complete range of ice bank chillers to ensure you can dispense crisp, clean, fresh draught beer. From the countertop Mini Lady, to the under bar HE90 & HE120 units from Vinservice through to the larger ...

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Spare Parts (Glycol & Superchillers)

Lancer beverage has a range of spare parts available to assist you with all your remedial works. From solonoids to thermostats to agi pumps and motors our range of spares is readily available to support you.

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Ice Cooled / Ezy Chill

Lancer beverages range of ice cooled chillers provides you with the flexibility to pour ice cold beer anywhere, no electricity required, simply chill with ice.

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Lancer beverage python features numbered tubing for easy identification, and with a complete range of tubing bundles and insulation sizes, Lancer beverage python will cover all of your requirements.

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Lancer Beverage has a beer chiller to suit all requirements, from restaurants to the nations largest stadiums.

Engineered to carry heavy loads and operate in Australia's harsh environment, Lancer Beverage chillers are built to last.

Our new Siberian Elite glycol chiller has revolutionised the way chillers are built. Constructed from a rotationally moulded polyethylene tank with an air tight design, it keeps condensation to a minimum and is the most robust tank on the market, superior to stainless steel or fibreglass.

For smaller applications, our Vinservice range of ice bank and glycol chillers are economically priced and manufactured to the highest standards.


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