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The ultimate solution for carbonating drinks at the point of dispense is here! For the freshest, fizziest drinks - look no further.

Carbonate Solutions have developed the Draftstream - a system which enables you to accurately and reliably carbonate a range of drinks to pre-set carbonation levels ranging from 3gm/litre to 12gm/litre.

The Draftstream allows you to bring a range of new drinks to the on-trade market including draught, sparkling wine and pre-mix cocktails.

Unlike other carbonation systems, Draftstream provides ideal conditions to replicate the CO2 retention and bubble size experienced from bottles and kegged alternatives. It's  unique control system also helps mitigate breakout from those beverages normally prone to foaming.

The Draftstream 90 is designed to be used for dispensing one product at one dispense point. It is a fully self-contained system, just connect the product, CO2, turn on and dispense fresh carbonated product.

The Draftstream COMPACT has been designed to dispense product from multiple dispense points. They are connected to a central chilling unit, common CO2 and product supply.

Draftstream brochure (PDF 211kb)

Draftstream manual (PDF 1178kb)


  Features and Benefits

  • Distribute drinks via Bag in Box when historically they required pressurised kegs
  • Bag in Box saves distribution costs, one way packaging
  • 20 litre stackable boxes improve stock management and reduce wastage
  • Secure run time totaliser
  • System has been designed to be fully compatible with industry standard CO2 and cooling equipment
  • Compact Plug-n-play system
  • Compatible with standard beverage pumps - no control connection required
  • Straightforward cleaning procedure
  • Excellent draught quality - replicating the small bubbles experienced through traditionally bottled and kegged carbonated beverages
  • Offers cellar installation solution or under bar counter with cooling system
  • Stout model available
50000200 Draftstream COMPACT / with Install Kit
50000201 Draftstream 90 / with Install Kit

For more information on Draftstream visit the Carbonate Solutions website

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“Hoshizaki Lancer has provided 2KW with quality beverage and ice equipment which meets our venue’s needs. Our beer and wine quality and presentation is exceptional thanks to Hoshizaki Lancer’s work!”

Simon Adami


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