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Modular Wine By The Glass

How many fine wines would you like to offer by the glass? Two, four, eight or dozens? The Modular makes it all possible!

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Introducing the latest evolution in the range of wine preservation and dispensing systems

The Modular offers the same outstanding preservation and dispensing flexibility as the Standard model but in a smaller and lighter package.

It is a unique, two bottle, single climate zone unit that can be used on its own or daisy chained together to create larger integrated systems requiring just a single connection to an electricity and preserving gas supply.

For example - linking two systems together creates a very affordable, four bottle, dual climate zone system which can be used for dispensing red and white wines.

The Modular offers accurate portion control with the choice of three user definable pour sizes. Preserve wine for 3 to 4 weeks, never over pour a glass again or ever throw out that last glass left in the bottle.
By using a By the Glass wine dispenser and preservation system you ensure that your fine wines are always served in perfect condition and at the ideal temperature each and every time.
The design, together with a choice of finish on the end panels, means The Modular looks equally at home in a trade, corporate or domestic environment.

Product Benefits

  •  Electronic climate control; allowing accurate control of serving temperature between        7°C and 20°C 
  • Preservation; by adding either argon or nitrogen gas (no taste, colour or smell) allows the wine to be kept in optimum condition for up to 14 days
  • Presentation; by using the By The Glass Modular, the inserted bottles are always presented in an elegant way
  • Serving; accurate portion control with 3 user-definable pour sizes
  • The wine (or spirit) is always in optimal conditions and at the right serving temperature
  • Easily expandable by linking multiple units by using only one plug (up to 6 units)
  • Doors can be locked to avoid access
  • Tubes which guide the wine are easy to change ensuring optimum hygiene
  • Two different cork types in order to fit all types of bottles
  • The inner LED lighting is dimmable in two positions

Product Features

  • Compact – can be placed into areas with limited space available
  • Expandable – you can connect up to 100 Modulars from the same gas bottle without any detrimental effects
  • Beautiful design – Sidepanels adaptable to any type of interior
  • Discreet – you can incorporate a Modular into a wall or a cabinet to suit your environment
  • Flexible – multiple chained Modulars can all have different temperatures, allowing the dispensing of different types of wine
  • Hygiene – easily cleaned and maintained to make sure your wine is always served at optimal quality
  • Investible – Modulars don’t break your bank account, they make you money fast
  • Suitability – ideal for trade, corporate or a domestic environment 
  • Internal LED lights, highlighting the wine bottles and creating an eye catching centrepiece
  • Meets the requirement for 'try before you buy'
  • Food grade silicone stoppers to allow a firm seal onto most sizes of wine bottle

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